Are the Baby Loves Sleep products Safe To Use?

All Baby Loves Sleep products carry the INPAA tick of approval.  INPAA is a privately operated organisation, and the key representative body in the Australian nursery industry. Its primary objective is to lead the development of safer nursery products and to promote the safe consumer use of products and to encourage suppliers to develop infant nursery products that are safe in design and that will be safely used by consumers. INPAA operates in close conjunction with groups such as Red Nose Australia (formerly known as SIDS and Kids), Kidsafe and the Australian Child Restraint Resource Initiative (ACRI).  

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What are the fabrics used?

We use only high grade premium Cotton fabrics in all our products. Cotton is a natural material and is 100% breathable so babies won’t sweat or overheat and is suitable for eczema.

What is the TOG Rating on the Products?

First of all, what is a TOG rating?

A TOG rating is used to describe the level of warmth or “Thermal Resistance” of a product (also known as thermal insulance).  It is commonly used in the textile industry and was developed in the UK to explain warmth levels of duvets (doonas).

Our wraps and sleep sacks have been tested by Bureau Veritas UK and have passed British Standard 8510: 2009 Clause 7 (Thermal Resistance) and are TOG rated a follows:

  • .7 TOG is suitable for all seasons (with appropriate bedding – refer to the section about what baby should wear under the sleep sack/suit).
  • .6 TOG – a lighter weight fabric also suitable for all seasons (these have been discontinued and will be replaced with a brand new summer range).
  • 2.0 TOG – a new warmer fabric designed for Autumn and Winter – refer to the section about what baby should wear under the sleep sack/suit.

Whats the Care Instructions on the Products?

As all our products are made of cotton, caring for any of the products is easy.  We recommend to wash in cold machine wash.  It is also recommended to keep zips done up, wash dark colours separately, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, dry flat, warm iron inside out, do not dry clean, do not place iron directly on print.

Is there a Size Guide for the different products available?

Yes, choosing the correct size is crucial to how effective the products will be on your baby.  It is highly recommended before purchasing that you check the SIZE GUIDE below.

What should my baby wear under the sleep sacks?

Below is a guide for what baby can wear depending on the season:

Winter / cooler season

  • It is recommended for baby to wear a singlet, gro-suit/wondersuit under the sleep sack. If your baby already uses a Winter TOG rated sleeping bag, you can use this on top of the SLEEPY HUGS to maintain warmth. Alternatively, cotton blankets on top is also fine. In super chilly nights, it is recommended to keep baby’s room temperature between 20-21C. As long as baby is dressed in natural cotton or bamboo clothing and their sleeping bag and blankets are also made of natural materials, they will not sweat or overheat.

Summer / warmer season

  • Baby can simply wear a singlet and nappy/diaper under the sleep sack to ensure they are not too hot. With soaring temperatures, it is recommended to keep baby’s room temperature between 18-20C. Avoid dressing baby in synthetic or un-natural materials including bedding as this will cause them to sweat and overheat.

All our swaddle wraps, sleep sacks and sleep suits are made only using natural cotton and is 100% breathable.

Be careful when choosing products that are made from cotton blends, especially those blended with polyester and claim to be breathable.  Always do your own research before purchasing products for your baby.

How do I know if the SLEEPY HUGS is right for my baby?

The best guide to knowing if the Sleepy Hugs is the next step for your baby – is none other than your baby. Apart from the obvious signs that your baby is no longer sleeping as well as they used to, here are some signs to watch for:

  • Tummy roller – when your baby starts rolling onto their tummy and they are still fully swaddled. This can pose a safety hazard.
    The SLEEPY HUGS is the perfect solution for tummy rollers as the free arm movement allows baby to use their arms naturally to allow themselves to roll-back.
  • Escape artist – when your baby starts breaking out of their swaddle and/or the swaddle is no longer able to give them the security and comfort they need.
    Although many babies love the feeling of being swaddled, many of them hate having their arms restricted tightly against their bodies. The SLEEPY HUGS gives them that feeling of enclosure without the restriction of a swaddle wrap.
  • Cat-napper – when your baby starts waking more frequently and is unable to resettle back to sleep, and/or they are waking upset.
    It is well known that babies go through periods of sleep regression and may experience periods of severe startle reflex, which is what causes them to wake up feeling upset (due to feeling a loss of security).  The SLEEPY HUGS gives them the feeling of security and comfort and can help them self settle back to sleep.

How/why does the SLEEPY HUGS work?

The SLEEPY HUGS has a unique design that allows your baby to move their arms freely with a slight restriction that gives the feeling of security to help calm the startle reflex.  The free movement of arms is safe for babies starting to roll onto their tummy during sleep.

Can I copy or re-produce any of the BABY LOVES SLEEP products?

No, all our products are designed and created by Mum and Founder of Baby Loves Sleep, Lourdes Villarreal (also known by her nickname Malou or Lou) based on real experiences and years of research, and is considered  Intellectual Property.

The Baby Loves Sleep brands, products and designs are IP protected by registered trademarks and patents world-wide.  

Copying IP protected branding, products and designs are considered a breach of IP and legal action may be taken.



The SLEEPY HUGS sleep sack is designed to help your baby gently transition out of a swaddle.  It has been designed to be a looser fit than most other swaddle suits and is most effective in helping your baby adjust to free arms with the correct size.  

The SLEEPY HUGS is all about the arm span so it’s important to choose the correct size. If too big, your baby will not get the security and snug fit that they still need.

The SLEEPY HUGS sleep sacks come in three sizes:

  • X-Small (0-3 M) – suitable for babies aged from newborn to 12 weeks, weighing 3 – 6 kg. The sleep suit has an arm width of approx. 46cm, and approx. 56cm in length with a neck hole opening of approx. 9cm.

  • Small (3-6 M) – suitable for babies aged from 3 months onwards weighing 6 – 8 kg. The sleep suit has an arm width of approx. 56cm, and approx. 65cm in length with a neck hole opening of approx. 11cm.

  • Medium (6-12 M) – suitable for babies aged from 6 months onwards, weighing 8 – 10 kg. The sleep suit has an arm width of approx. 65cm, and approx. 75cm in length with a neck hole opening of approx. 12cm.


Our Hands In & Out sleep sacks come in two sizes:

  • Medium (6-12 M) – suitable for babies aged from 6 months onwards, weighing 8 – 10 kg. The sleep suit has an arm width of approx. 72cm (including the wrist cuffs), and approx. 75cm in length with a neck hole opening of approx. 12cm.

  • Large (12+ M) – suitable for babies 12 months and beyond, weighing over 10 kg. The sleep suit has an arm width of approx. 85cm (including the wrist cuffs) and approx. 87cm in length with a neck hole opening of approx 13 cm. 


Neck to the bottom zip is 62cm and from the bottom of the foot cuff is 85cm – designed for little ones approx  12 months to 3 years.